Who are the Steel Mags?

The Steel Mags sorority is a national group established as a program by the Green Beret Foundation "GBF" with the goal of addressing the unique and critical needs of qualifying female family members of United States Army Special Forces soldiers. Steel Mags are tough, resilient, focused, caring, resourceful, dependable women who serve to strengthen the Special Forces Regiment and the Green Berets they love, while empowering each other. Their efforts create a stronger Special Forces Regiment and ultimately a better America. Steel Mags empower this sisterhood to achieve goals beyond their individual capabilities. Steel Mags support one another as this program is devoid of judgment while brimming with support. Steel Mags serve to build each other up, force multiply their efforts to impact their local communities, extend a hand in times of need and innovate in their focus of the care and devotion for their Green Berets and each other. These ladies are held to higher standards of conduct and represent the best virtues of America and the Special Forces Community. They seek solutions; eliminate challenges, bound through obstacles, and work in a team-centric environment to accomplish their mission. 

The Steel Mags program is organized by region and then by chapters located near major Special Forces installations where Special Forces units reside. There are also active chapters in areas with a high population of Special Forces soldiers (i.e. San Antonio and Tampa) and one chapter composed of those that are separated from the military and not close to a densely populated Special Forces area. 

The program is intended to complement existing programs not duplicate resources and support such as Family Readiness Groups. To accomplish our program goals, we have identified three key focus areas:  1) Family strength 2) Special Forces Community strength and 3) local community strength (not restricted to the military).  We believe if we stay focused on those three key areas, we will experience stronger marriages, families, Green Berets, Communities and ultimately a stronger country.  We believe that serving others is a very big part of overall health for the entire family unit. We do this by promoting resiliency to improve the performance of the mind, body and spirit; supporting the Green Beret Foundation, community service activities, and peer to peer mentorship and continuous education when applicable to ensure the Steel Mag has the tools she needs for personal health and her Green Beret and family and community involvement through charitable work to support the GBF and other very worthwhile causes.

The Steel Mags was specifically created to serve as a sorority to perpetuate female strength, adaptability and endurance. The Steel Mags perpetuates the phrase “force multipliers”. They are the epitome of the Spartan female force.