The Green Beret Foundation has always taken an unconventional and holistic approach to the care of those that serve in the US Army Special Forces Regiment. Part of that care includes ensuring the Green Beret has a strong support system. 


On-Line Steel Mags Forum

The Steel Mags online forum was created to promote resiliency to improve the performance of the mind, body and spirit; supporting the Green Beret Foundation, community service activities, and peer to peer mentorship and continuous education when applicable to ensure the Steel Mag has the tools she needs for personal health; and her Green Beret and family and community involvement through charitable work to support the Green Beret Foundation and other very worthwhile causes. 

Read articles, get advice from other Steel Mags, spouses, mothers, sisters and daughters (over age 18) of active duty, retired and KIA Green Berets.  Share your story, and learn self-care strategies.  

The online forum will provide examples of how to overcome the challenges ahead, transition and the new life following the traumatic event.  Please request access today! 


Steel Mags Chapters

Structured by chapter, we provide coverage for all five active Special Forces Groups as well as our two National Guard Special Forces Groups.  Each Chapter hosts frequent support events and provides resources to uplift and reinforce the sisterhood of the Special Forces Community.  Please inquire about your local Chapter today!