Meet Sara Hancock. Your Ft. Bragg Chapter Lead with Lizzie. She’s a true gem and a loyal Steel Mag. Sara is a native of Washington State. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Evergreen State College with an emphasis in Business Administration.

She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two kids and their pets. She is a Special Forces spouse and is currently a stay at home Mom. Before becoming a stay at home Mom she worked for the state of Alaska as an eligibility technician helping those in need of state assistance. While in this role she helped families in dire situations receive the food, medical and cash assistance benefits needed to become fully self sufficient. Sara actively supports her daughters' school and her community. She volunteers with several local animal rescue organizations fostering and transporting shelter pets to help them find a permanent loving home.

A devoted military spouse since 2002 she knows the importance of keeping a positive and happy home front for the deployed spouse, allowing him to focus on his job and ensuring that he returns home safely. She has supported her husband through numerous deployments and other training missions all while maintaining the focus on fostering a healthy, happy and loving home for him to return to. She finds that keeping the kids happy, active and healthy is a great way for them to stay connected as a family both during deployments and the time they have at home together.

She has always been an avid supporter of the military and enjoys spending time helping those that need it most. In her free time she enjoys competing in bodybuilding competitions, working out and spending time with her family and those friends that she considers her extended military family.

Ft. Bragg Steel Mags have quite the dynamic duo!!