Meet our Chapter Lead for our Steel Mags Texas Chapter, Natalie Holland. Natalie and her husband David live in San Antonio, TX. They have three mini-mags, Maggie (18), Sarah Jayne (16), & Genevieve (8) plus two dogs, Tank and Astro. When her teenage daughters aren’t pushing her to the very brink of her sanity, she works from home dividing time between teaching Pilates, working for Beauty Counter, and writing for her blog House Of Healing Space. She’s a breast cancer survivor on a mission to bring more wellness to the world. Natalie has many hobbies, but her favorite thing to do is laugh. She is so proud to be part of this sorority and loves that she has found her people here!

What she didn't share because she's a humble mag is that her book was published in 2015, Scarred but Smarter: A Cancer Memoir and Get Healthy Manifesto. We are thrilled to have her leadership here with the Steel Mags. Y'all need to give Natalie a warm welcome to her new leadership role.