Meet Meredith Smith, your Steel Mags Nomad Vice Chair Chapter Lead. She met her husband while in her junior year of college and he was a Specialist in the Army. They were married at the end of her senior year, just a month before graduation. Meredith graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, focusing on behavior, learning and personality.

She has spent the last 20 years focusing her attention on raising two strong children, supporting her husband in all of his endeavors, and supporting her community. Her passion has always been working with children, and volunteering in areas that would benefit and support children in our community. She spent 3 years as the VP of the PTA, participated on several different administrative committees for the school, and worked as a long and short-term substitute teacher.

Meredith believes that strong communities are built and maintained by people who are willing to give of themselves when others are in need. She has spent many years building friendships that she treasures to this day while providing support to all of the families on her husband’s team. It was, and still is, important to her that our families are supported, feel connected, and have access to care and help.

For the last five and a half years she’s been heavily involved in her husband’s recovery from his injuries that were sustained by an IED. During his recovery she spent as much time as possible researching all of his injuries, alternative treatments, short-term effects and long-term effects so that she could do whatever was necessary to ensure his fullest recovery. During this process, she noticed deficiencies in the VA process and has spent countless hours researching, gathering texts and data, reviewing laws, policies and procedures. She offers all of her information and help to any and all who need it. Her goal and passion, is to make sure the families of the fallen, injured and ill have the information and support they need to be as successful as possible. We are blessed for sure to have this dedicated and loyal Steel Mag leading our most diverse group of Nomad Steel Mags located across the country.