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Meet your Nomad Chapter Lead Justine Torres.

Justine was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. In 2014 while obtaining her masters degree in speech-language pathology in Atlanta, GA she met her husband Tony who ironically was also from Buffalo. Tony was a Green Beret with 10th and 19th group. Since, meeting in 2014 they have gotten married, moved across the country several times, and had a son.

Justine has been extremely active in the veteran community with Hire Heroes USA, Team RWB and Mission 43. Justine believes that our veterans are the greatest assets to our communities. Since, Justine has known her husband throughout most of his transition she has learned a great deal of how veterans transition and wants to help other spouses with their husband's transition. She has seen how important it is to have a strong community during a veterans transition. She also believes in empowering veterans in anyway that she can.

When Justine is not chasing her son around the house she enjoys participating in Crossfit, finding a stellar cup of coffee and binge watching a series on Netflix. We are delighted to have her onboard motivating and encouraging our Nomads across the country.