Meet Cynthia Servin Gonzales, your Tampa, FL Steel Mag Chapter Lead. Cynthia has been “married to the Army” since she was 20 years old. In that time she has been stationed all over the U.S. and overseas. She has been part of and involved in the Army community long before her husband joined Special Forces. Once her husband was assigned to his first SF unit, she became a member of the 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Family Readiness Group where she coordinated many activities contributing to family unit cohesion, preparing soldiers and their families for separation during deployments and reunions, She facilitated use of the post and unit resources. Because she believes that we should all step up and help those outside our community, she also volunteers for a non-profit organization benefiting wounded veterans from all the services.

A wife and mom of three lovely young ladies; one in college, high school and middle school, Cynthia finds herself in the car a lot taking her girls to school, swim practice, golf...she also makes sure her hub get to his VA appointments twice a week. Like many of us Steel Mags, Cynthia spends a lot of time taking care of her family first and promised me this week she would do something special for HER this week. Thankful for our dedicated lead in Tampa!