Beth Nytko. Beth is originally from Massachusetts but now calls Clarksville, TN home.  They moved to the area in 2008 after her husband Damon was assigned to the "Legion" aka 5th Group. They have been married 13 years, and have 2 kids ages 10 and 4. For the past 9 years she has been working for the Army as a pharmacy technician and for the past 4 years she's been the clinical pharmacy technician with the Warrior Transition Battalion. She's also an avid runner and runs the Disney Princess Half Marathon for a charity called Girl Power 2 Cure. After her friend Carrie whose daughter has Rett Syndrome asked her to run she just couldn't say no. Raising awareness locally for Rett Syndrome became her mission after finding out that 2 local girls just happened to be 5th group kids. She is also a member if Junior Auxiliary and they are devoted to serving the children in the community through many different service projects. They plan on sticking around the area after her husband retires in 5 years and she is excited to grow the Fort Campbell chapter.